Soft Skills

I enjoy creative problem solving, and I am able to set an example for others. A positive attitude coupled with strategic planning skills allowed me to steer a business through profound changes in market and technology. Adaptability and a desire to understand the forces changing markets has kept me in front of change, allowing me to help others adapt as well. I'm confident as a public speaker and can explain complex technologies to broad groups.

Practical Skills

I have strong and effective writing skills, with exceptional command of creative copywriting. I have produced fascinating newsletters, riveting blogs, engaging facebook posts and tantalizing tweets. I consider every marketing campaign a unique challenge and strive to deliver content that engenders action. My skills in social media go far beyond the ability to engage. I have managed several CMS accounts to moniter and track results. I have a thorough understanding of Google Analytics, having used it in both retail campaigns and membership drives. I have crafted scores of MailChimp campaigns, several Constant Contact mailings and one eTapestry Campaign. I have full front-end developer skills including CSS, HTML and Javascript. I have designed and built Filemaker database systems, Apple Keynote presentations, WooCommerce, Wordpress and Magento sites. I am up to date in Foundation6 and Flexbox. My customer service and public speaking skills are top-notch and I am a pleasant and productive person. My Linkedin Profile is Here


I am constantly upgrading my skills. I have degrees in Creative Writing and Western Civilization from UCSC. I have completed a full track in Front-End Web Development and Wordpress from Treehouse. I am Google Analytics Certified. I have completed courses in Marketing and Copywriting with UC Extension. My resume contains specifics on programs in which I am proficient and I am adept at learning new programs and languages.

Activities & Interests

I am a distance cyclist and an amatuer historian. I combine both passions by leading bicycle tours through San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge. I am able to use many of my best skills, as a storyteller, historian, cyclist, leader and public speaker. My tour site is here.

I am a fencer at Halberstadt Fencing Club. I do volunteer work for several San Francisco organizations including: San Francisco Bike Coalition, Sunday Streets, Nature in the City, Ocean Riders of Marin and NextVillageSF.

Web Experience

Having started in web-site design at the beginning, I've developed coding and management skills in both retail and non-profit capacities. I have several for-profit and non-profit sites that I have built and help maintain, and I have over 15 years experience creating and managing social media from MySpace to Instagram. All my sites include Google Analytics and I have managed numerous campaigns using A/B tested subjects, Facebook targeted campaigns, Adwords campaigns, crowdfunding and traditional mailings, all with trackable results. I am innovative and experimental while drawing on years of traditional marketing experience. I enjoy the challenge of seeking out new audiences and connecting with genuine passion. A PDF of my resume is below, or here. Head to this page for more details on my work history.

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